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  1. Why choose Test the Backflow?
Because of our prompt appointments, courteous service, and efficient administration of test results.
  1. What is Backflow?
Technically, backflow is defined as the unintentional reversal of the normal direction of flow in a potable water system that may result in the contamination of the system. Simply put, backflow is anywhere “bad water” has the chance to mix with “good water”.
  1. Why does the Backflow Device have to be tested yearly?
A Backflow Preventer is a mechanical device that over time will fail. Arkansas Plumbing Code specifies that every backflow prevention device must be tested at least yearly to verify its operation. Failure to do so could allow a backflow event to harm people and/or property.
  1. What does the Backflow Test involve?
A backflow technician will connect a test kit to the device and verify proper operation. All water downstream must be shut off to perform the test.

       5. What does RPZ Test stand for? It stands for Reduce Pressure Zone.
  1. Do I need to be home when you come to do Backflow Test?
If your device is outside, then the answer is no. If the backflow Preventer is for lawn irrigation, please ensure the city has turned the meter back on from vacation. We’ll do everything else.
  1. What is failure rate and what are common failure modes?
Several factors influence the lifespan of a backflow device. These factors include water pressure, water quality, frequency of use and installation environment. About 5% of tested devices will have a problem. Most problems are simple and are caused by worn O-rings, cut seals or broken springs. Severe problems are usually caused by freezing temperatures. We offer repair service on any device.

       8. My Backflow Device is leaking from the bottom relief port. Is it bad??
The relief port is made to discharge water as the backflow device does its job. If it drips occasionally or is damp on the floor underneath, it’s probably OK. However, if it is leaking constantly from relief port, then something is wrong. Call us.

  1. What about payment?
For your convenience, we accept cash, check, or credit cards.
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